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Assured Protection

Assured Protection

Pyrethroid Formulation
- K-Obiol® EC25 is a modern pyrethroid formulation containing Deltamethrin, synergised with piperonyl butoxide for the control of all stored product insects known to infest grain and pulses. This pyrethroid formulation is an ideal alternative to organo-phosphorus formulations.

No With-holding Period
- On finished, manufactured product, flour and bread: no residues over the MRL are found as deltamethrin does not significantly penetrate the grain but remains on the bran.
Within hard wheat manufactured products, semolina and pasta: no residues over the MRL of deltamethrin were detected.
In malting: no residues over the MRL of deltamethrin is found in wort or beer, and therefore has no effect on beer.

Up to 12 months control (Admixture)
- K-Obiol® EC25 is a liquid grain protectant for the control of stored product pests including crawling insects such as grain weevils, flour beetles, grain borers, sawtoothed grain beetles, bean weevils and flying insects such as warehouse moths, rice moths, indian meal moths and grain moths.

Add 1 litre of K-Obiol® EC25 to 99 litres of water and apply this to 100 tonnes of grain for protection up to 12 months.

Fabric of the building treatment (pre-harvest)
- K-Obiol® EC 25 can be applied to the fabric of the building - Add up to 60ml of K-Obiol® EC25 to 5 litres of water. Refer to the label for different porous and non-porous application rates. This fabric treatment provides 2 months protection.

- K-Obiol® EC25 can be used in grain silos and stores that are subsequently used for oilseed rape storage as a fabric of the building and equipment treatment only. K-Obiol® EC25 does not have approval for use as an admixture treatment for oilseed rape.

K-Obiol is accepted for use by NABIM and the Brewing Research International (BRI)

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